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Serviceteam : the best plumbers in London?

Thursday, 10. October 2013

Well that’s what our new video says! Have a look. It’s not your average plumbing video….

Look out for the new Serviceteam vans!

Friday, 20. September 2013




Check out the new Serviceteam vans. How can you miss them? They’re pretty bright and pretty in pink! We love them, so we’ve ordered some more! Give us a toot and a wave if you see one.

Our latest addition to the team – Matthew Bellevue

Thursday, 5. September 2013

Matthew joins Serviceteam

Matthew joins Serviceteam

We’re very pleased to welcome Matthew to Serviceteam. He’s working in the gardening department. Matthew is just 20 years old, keeps fit by playing football for Crescent Rovers in Wellington (he’s the striker) and lives in Purley. He’s also single and good looking and he’s a hell of a gardener!

Nigel Devine rejoins Serviceteam’s gardening team

Thursday, 8. August 2013

Nigel returns

Nigel, one of the best garden maintenance guys we’ve ever had, has returned to the fold and rejoined Serviceteam on a full time contract. We’re very pleased to have him back.

He can now be found performing garden clearances and garden maintenance throughout the capital.

Nigel is a man of many talents. Not only is he a fantastic gardener, but he speaks five languages; English (well Scottish), Portuguese, French, Spanish and Italian (well he’s forgotten quite a bit of it). He’s also a keen cyclist and lives in Dulwich.

Nigel is so popular he is often specifically requested for by some of our clients! If you would like the chance to have Nigel working on your garden just call us on 0800 599 9750. We’d be happy to send him over to you!

Common Electrical Jobs – How long do they take to complete?

Monday, 15. July 2013

Elecrical scheme

This is the first in a new series of articles on the Serviceteam Media Centre explaining how long it takes to complete common jobs that we’re frequently asked to undertake.

Many electrical jobs take roughly the same time every time, and this guide gives you an idea of how long each one usually takes. Obviously every situation is different, and will be affected by a number of factors, such as how easy is access, what state is the wiring of the premises in, are cables hidden or buried, other complications or follow on work that arises etc.

New electrical socket installations

Wiring up a new electrical socket to a house will typically take an around two hours and can be done by an competent electrician, however if you’re having a new electrical socked added to the kitchen or bathroom you will need an electrician who is certified to Part P regulations, Alternatively you can have your work certified by your local authority building regs inspector to ensure that the electrical work is safe and fit for purpose, however this is usually very costly.

New outdoor electrical socket installations

Outdoor sockets usually take about two hours to complete, however outside electrical work needs to be completed or signed off by a Part P who is certified to Part P regulations. Again as an alternative, you can have your work certified by your local authority building regs inspector.

Replacing a consumer unit (commonly known as a fuse box)

Consumer units are the heart of any building’s electrical supply. They are where all of your wiring terminates and can be very complicated, and replacing them takes quite some time. Only Part P certified engineers can sign installation of a consumer unit off, and they take anywhere from 6 – 8 hours to complete.

Installing an electrical appliance (such as an electric oven or ceramic hob)

These types of jobs typicallly take around half an hour to an hour.

Installing Outdoor Lights

Outdoor garden lights usually take around three to four hours and will depend on the location, the number of lights and if there’s wiring there already

Replacing a damaged cable

Replacing a damaged cable buried in the wall usually takes around an hour, depending on how easy the cable is to get to.

Installation of two way switches (for example hall and landing lights)

These type of switches (meaning two or more switches in different locations to control one lamp or light)

Installation or replacement of an immersion heater

This type of job usually takes around two hours.

Replacing a light fitting

This is a relatively straightforward task and usually only takes around half an hour, and doesn’t require sign off by a Part P certified electrician.

Complete rewires

This is the most time consuming job that an electrician can do, and is very difficult to measure in terms of time. This is due to a number of factors such as number of rooms, number of sockets, location and type of sockets etc. The good news is that Serviceteam offer a fixed price quotation on re-wires so you know up front what the bill is going to be. We always advise consumers to steer clear of companies that try to charge you an open ended day rate, or an open ended estimate as the bills can end up pretty high. It’s always best to know what you will be paying before the work starts.

If you’d like to speak to someone about your electrical work, then give our friendly team a call on 0800 599 9750.

Gas Safe Week 16th-22nd September

Monday, 22. April 2013

Keeping our nation safe

Gas Safety Week is a national campaign that aims to raise awareness of gas safety and the importance of taking care of your gas appliances.

Gas safety is an everyday problem in many homes across the UK. Last year over 4,000 people were diagnosed with carbon monoxide (CO) poisoning which can be caused by unsafe central heating systems, gas cookers or gas fires.

Raising awareness of gas safety in the home.

Badly fitted and poorly serviced appliances gas appliances can cause gas leaks, fires, explosions. Using an illegal gas fitter can put lives at risk, only a Gas Safe registered engineer should carry out gas work.

This year Gas Safety Week will take place 16th-22nd September 2013. This initiative is supported by the gas industry including retailers, manufacturers, consumer bodies, and importantly you, the public. It’s easy, follow these tips to keep you and your family SAFE:

  • Make sure gas appliances have a regular service and a gas safety check every 12 months
  • Install an audible carbon monoxide alarm
  • Look out for warning signs that your gas appliances aren’t working correctly e.g. lazy yellow or orangeflames instead of crisp blue ones, black marks on or around the appliance and too much condensation in the room
  • Make sure only a Gas Safe registered engineerworks on your gas appliances. Illegal gas fitters can put your life at risk. Always check the engineer’s Gas Safe Register ID card

What happened last year?

Thank you to all those who were involved in Gas Safety Week 2012. The week was a huge success with hundreds of events, nearly 2,000 organisations supporting the week and national media coverage.

Big savings on John Lewis Home Insurance

Friday, 22. March 2013

Get a 10% discount on John Lewis Home Insurance when buying Buildings and Contents together. Subject to a minimum premium.

John Lewis Home Insurance offers cover for both buildings and contents, providing great value, quality insurance with the high level of service that is expected from the John Lewis Partnership.

As with all John Lewis Insurance products, John Lewis Home Insurance offers comprehensive cover with features and benefits that are not commonly found as standard on policies offered by other insurers.

John Lewis Home Insurance offers:

  • Unlimited Buildings and Contents Cover provided customers don’t own individual valuables of £15,000 or more up to a total of £30,000*
  • Alternative AccommodationIf your home becomes unfit to live in, following a floor for example
  • Accidental Damage Cover takes care of spillages or DIY disasters,
  • 24-hour Home Emergency Cover offers customers free advice and access to a network of accredited repairmen.

John Lewis Insurance go to great lengths to ensure their product is competitively priced, using monthly price benchmarking against similar quality products offered by competitors.

Get a competitive quote instantly by visiting the John Lewis website

* There is no total sum insured limit but money, single article and total valuables limits apply

Figures reveal nearly 1 in 5 gas appliances were unsafe.

Tuesday, 12. March 2013

Always use a Gas Safe registered engineer

A gas safety campaign, piloting in the North West of England, has helped save lives, new figures can reveal. Since October 2012, Gas Safe Register – the UK’s official gas safety authority – has checked the safety of gas appliances in 1616 homes across the region. Nearly one in five gas appliances (17 per cent) were unsafe and could have resulted in gas explosions, fires, leaks or carbon monoxide poisoning, if left unchecked.

Gas Safe Register has also targeted illegal gas fitters preying on North West residents and putting lives in danger. 94 illegal gas jobs have been investigated since October 2012. Over one in ten (11 per cent) victims’ homes were left by cowboys in a seriously dangerous condition and the Register’s team had to shut off the gas immediately.

In the period between 2006 –2011 the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) reported 106 injuries in the North West from gas explosions, fires, leaks and carbon monoxide poisoning. There have also been several high profile incidents in recent years where families have been poisoned by carbon monoxide; a 64 year old man was seriously injured in a gas explosion; and a family of three managed to escape from a gas fire.

Gas Safe Register’s own data, revealed that in a 12 month period from June 2011 – July 2012, 640 (eight per cent) North West homes out of 8,004 checked were unsafe. These inspections also revealed danger hot spots across the North West. Crewe is the most dangerous area with nearly one in five (17 per cent) appliances found unsafe, closely followed by Manchester, Blackburn and Oldham (15 per cent). In comparison, Carlisle is the safest area with only one per cent of gas appliances found unsafe.

To help people in the North West discover the risks in their area, Gas Safe Register has created an online gas map tool Users only need to enter their postcode to find out how safe or unsafe they are. They will also receive advice on what to do to protect themselves, starting with signing up for an annual gas safety check.

Gas Safe Register’s newly launched website also allows people in the north west to sign up for a free annual gas safety check reminder, by a registered gas engineer.

“This is the first time we have targeted a specific region and tried to change people’s behaviour and it goes to show how successful our efforts can be. As well as saving lives by checking the safety of homes and combating illegal gas fitters, we have also reached out to thousands of people across the North West with life saving tips. This campaign has helped people realise that gas incidents can happen to them and they now understand that to stay safe they need to get appliances checked regularly. It’s gratifying that thousands of North West residents have already used the silentkiller website to find out how dangerous their area is and many have signed up for an annual safety check reminder, which will help keep them safe.”

To find a Gas Safe registered engineer and for more general gas safety advice visit or call 0800 408 5500.

Serviceteam supports World Plumbing Day on March 11th

Friday, 15. February 2013

World Plumbing Day

World Plumbing Day is an international event on March 11 initiated by the World Plumbing Council celebrating the important role plumbing plays in the health and safety of modern society.

The aftermath of 2010’s devastating earthquake in Haiti and the 2011 tsunami in Japan reveals how easy it is to take for granted the availability of safe drinking water and sufficient sanitation systems — until those systems cease to function properly. History shows that great leaps in humankind’s advancement — both physically and socially — have been tied to advances in plumbing technology.

The safety and abundance of drinking water is, of course, a concern for most people all over the world, but what is not often emphasized is the work the plumbing industry contributes every day to alleviate these concerns. We would like your help in bringing a better understanding of the largely misunderstood role plumbers play in keeping folks safe and healthy each and every day.

World Plumbing Day is a great way to raise awareness of ways to save water, and highlight the problems around the world of  those who are not as fortunate as us with regards to a clean and healthy water supply. Serviceteam will be doing our best to raise awareness of this special day, so look out for further updates on our site nearer the time. 


Home decor design trends for 2013

Tuesday, 5. February 2013

Beautiful neutral bedroom

Well we’ve finally waved goodbye to January, a month that always seems to last forever as we recover from the celebrations of Christmas and spring seems so far away. With the arrival of longer days and, at least some sunshine, now’s a great time to look forward to refreshing your home with a new look, so we look forward to some design trends to look out for when choosing your scheme.

Out with the bold in with the new…

2012 saw bold and bright colour palettes dominate, but 2013 will see the ever reliable neutral tones make a reappreance, but this time round, they’re worked back with still colourful, but slightly more muted, hues. Acutely aware of the need for stability in our lives, balanced looks will appeal with a particular bent toward practicality.

Colour as an accent…

Colour will still play a prominent role within our home decor in 2013, adding that much needed glimmer of hope and promise of better times on the horizon for us all. Carefully paired with neutral walls and floors, dashes of colour will appear in the form of accessories such as decorative vases, throws and embellished mirrors to name but a few. The look is meticulously brought together to arrive at a collection of clean lines and classic colours with elements of surprise that avoid being overbearing. Think light florals in violet, elephants in dove grey and even tribal looks that encompass a finely balanced palette of striking blues, tangerine and brilliant pinks.

Back to nature…

Natural elements of our world will be all over the home decor magazines this year, whether it be flora or fauna, we are seeing the likes of gorgeous bamboo flooring, stone and seashells as popular choices to add texture to our homes. Metals in the form of bronze and nickel, as well as brushed steel will all make appearances this year. This need to bring the outside into our homes is further evidence of our growing appreciation for natural materials that offer quality and calm.

Fashion for fabric…

Striped fabrics will appear on curtains, cushions and rugs in 2013, along with subtle (definitely not garish!) floral prints. Although wallpaper is growing in popularity not everyone is brave enough to makeover entire walls in this way, hence the emergence of fabric designs in wallpaper style prints for cushions and bedspreads to bring in the look in an understated fashion, whilst still managing to bring extra texture to schemes.   So in summary 2013 promises to be a year where an updated version of neutral tones and natural elements feature strongly, working as the perfect backdrop for the many and varied home decor accessories that will express our individuality and personal sense of style.

If you’d like some help and advice on picking the right scheme, or if you’re looking for a quality decorating compnay to see your idea through from vision to reality, give us a call free on 0800 599 9750 and speak to one of our experienced team.

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